Saturday, May 30, 2015

Armchair BEA Day 4: Book to Movie Adaptations

Book to Movie Adaptations:

What books do you want to be made into a movie or television show? What are some of your favorites? We'll explore more about this topic, especially what works and what doesn't.  Are there any upcoming shows or movies that you're excited for? What are your recommendations? - Taken from ABEA blog page.

I love Book to Movie Adaptations if they are done well. I enjoy getting a deeper view into the story. Sometimes a film company can ruin and butcher a book to move adaptation and then sometimes they nail it and wind up with something that's pure gold.

Favorite Book to Movie Adaptations:

The Hunger Games trilogy
Divergent Trilogy
TMI City of Bones- I really enjoyed the movie I think advertising is what got it.
The Vampire Academy- I liked it but another example of bad advertising and promo work.
The Host

What I would like to see be made into a movie or TV show:
The Lux Series- Right now a film company has the rights to Obsidian and I can't wait for something to be made. I really hope they don't ruin the story.

In all honesty I would love to see every book that I read turned into a movie. I like reading the books then watching the movies mainly to see how another person interpreted the same material.  


  1. I liked The Vampire Academy movie too!

    1. I wish they would make the rest of the series into movies also and turn Bloodlines into movies too! Thanks for stopping by Liviania!

  2. They did awful advertising for the Vampire Series. I came across the film accidentally, it is a brilliant series they just let it down big time. And then Bloodlines to me is even better, I just want to see Adrian and Sydney. :D

    Oh, I nominated you for the beautiful blogger award :)


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