Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Top Ten Tuesday #2

Top Ten Favorite Heroines From Books

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by The Broke and The Bookish. This weeks topic is Top Ten Favorite Heroines From Books. I actually have more than 10 but I'll keep this simple.

#1. Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games Trilogy by: Suzanne Collins. Katniss is a very strong character and has a tendency to think of others before herself. Katniss volunteers for her sister, Prim, when she is chosen to play in the 74th Hunger Games. Then while in the Games she forms an alliance with the youngest tribute in the games. In Catching Fire she still hunts and gathers in the woods to help the people of her district, and in Mockingjay she worries about the people of the other districts and is devastated over the loss of life of all the innocent people. She fights for a better life for all of Panem.

#2. Katy Swartz from The Lux Series by: Jennifer L. Armentrout. Katy starts off as a little timid, but she tells it like it is. She grows so much through out the series. She is extremely loyal, thinks of her friends and family before herself, and she loves fiercely. She makes mistakes like a real person would and tries hard to make up for those mistakes.

#3. Clary Fray from The Mortal Instruments Series by: Cassandra Clare. Clary has to deal with a bunch of junk thrown at her that has been hidden from her since she was born. Clary has had no idea that another life exists, one that she was born into. She discovers she is a demon hunter and takes it in stride, then she becomes pretty bad butted. 

#4. Rose Hathaway from the Vampire Academy Series by: Richelle Mead. Rose has trained her entire life to be a guardian over the Moroi, one in particular her best friend Princess Lissa Dragomir. She grows through out the series and learns not to be so cocky.

#5. Kaylee Cavanaugh from the Soul Screamers Series by: Rachel Vincent. Kaylee has always believed something was seriously mentally wrong with her because of her "panic attacks" where she screams bloody murder. She learns she is a banshee and her screaming is actually ''singing '' and mourning the death of a person nearby. She discovers a whole new ''world'' that she's a part of and how to control her abilities. She gets to meet other people like herself and through out the series she makes a few self sacrifices to save those she loves.

#6. Mercy Thompson from the Mercy Thompson Series by: Patricia Briggs. Mercy is just flat out a bad butted chick. At first she tries to stay out of the world she was born into as a shapeshifter, but being a good person she just can't, and winds up falling face first into the middle of it. The farther into the series you go, the farther she winds up in the middle of vampire/werewolf wars, and having to deal with crazy fey. 

#7. Gwen Frost from the Mythos Academy by: Jennifer Estep. Gwen is a Gypsy who has started at a new school for kids that have special talents, some of them magical like talents. She is able to touch things and get a flashback from them of things that have happened involving the item. She's not sure where she really fits in at the school and is sort of a loner at first. This she becomes the Goddess Nike's champion and has to learn all kinds of fighting skills and how to improve her talents before the God Loki breaks free from his prison and tries to take over the world and destroy mankind. 

#8. Zoey Redbird from The House of Night Series by: P.C. Cast and Kristen Cast. Zoey starts off as a normal teenager who suddenly gets sick and contracts the sickness that turns people into vampires. She is outcast and has to join the other vampires nearby at the House of Night school because if she is not around an adult vampire her body will reject the change and she will die. She overcomes everything that is thrown at her and becomes special to Nyx the Goddess that the vampires worship. She grows as the series progresses not only as a character but also in her power as a vampire who is able to connect with all 5 of the elements, something that rarely happens.

#9. Claire Danvers from The Morganville Vampires Series by: Rachel Caine. Claire is no ordinary girl, she is super smart and has started college before anyone her age. Because of her being younger than anyone else in her dorm she is picked on by the local mean girl. It gets so bad she has to move out of the dorm and room with three other local kids a little older than her. She winds up being dragged into the towns' vampire drama and has to overcome a bus load of crap. To keep her new friends safe, through out the whole series, she takes risks to her general safety and life.

#10. Lena from the Delirium Series by: Lauren Oliver. Lena in the beginning is just like everyone else her age. She's worried about getting a high score on the test to determine her marriage matches before she has the procedure. The procedure is done on people 18 years old and is supposed to take away the ability to fall in love. She's always looked forward to the procedure because she has been taught by the government her whole life that ''the deliria'' is a disease and must be eradicated, but just a few months before her procedure is done she falls in love with an "Invalid"(someone who has not been cured and lives in the Wilds). She tries to fight the system and stand up for what she believes in, even if it means that she must run away and live in the Wilds. 


  1. You can't go wrong with Katniss. I haven't read any of the other series, except for the first book in the Lux series. I really want to read The Mortal Instruments and Vampire Academy.
    - Emma Likes Books

  2. Thank You for the comment Emma! In my personal opinion all of the books I listed are really great reads and I think you would really like The Mortal Instruments and Vampire Academy. I'm just wondering with having read Obsidian what were your thoughts about it?

    1. I liked the story, and that it was about aliens, but sometimes it reminded me of Twilight. I enjoyed Twilight when it first came out, so maybe I would have liked it more if I had read it during that time.
      Also, I’ve nominated you in the Versatile Blogger Award. I’m not sure if you’ve already been nominated, or have done it yet. You can check the post here.
      - Emma Likes Books

    2. Thank You that's like WOW! No, I've never participated in anything like this. I've tried to read up on it but I am still confused when it comes to finding out who won the award or if everyone who has been nominated wins. Once again Thank You!


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